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Our Services

We have full service audio production and post production capabilities. All our services are available fully remote, or right here in-person in our Midtown New York Penthouse studio. For remote sessions, we offer remote audio kits and fully remote workflow.


Because an iPad doesn’t sound like a TV, and a TV doesn’t sound like an Atmos theatre, we make sure your mixes will sound amazing on all formats ensuring a trouble-free experience from record to the mix.


We have worked with the world’s most prestigious directors, brands, and film studios for over 38 years. We’re experienced in everything from radio mixing, commercial mixing, mixing for non-scripted television, television mixing and reality show mixing to dialog mixing, feature film mixing, documentary mixing, and mixing for animation.

Sound Design

The right sound not only supports the video or voice track, but it enriches the story and adds weight and depth to your content.


We create new sounds through both natural and manipulated sources as part of our creative toolkit to tell your story.


We’ve assembled one of the largest custom sound effects libraries in the world spanning over 75 years and constantly growing. Our sound effect editors have access to historical sound effects and custom sound effects. If there’s an SFX you want that doesn’t exist yet, we make it.


Our sound designers have musical backgrounds. They can sculpt music and sound design to create seamless atmospheres. From multi- layered action sequences to intricate Foley and rich ambiences, we will bring your project to life. And that can be any project, we do sound design for animation, commercials and sound design for VR content too.

ADR / Records / Remote

With our wide array of high-end microphones, mic preamps and custom isolation booth configurations, we’re able to capture every nuance of a live recording and shape it to perfection with the cleanest signal possible.


Working with the biggest stars in the world and demanding high profile clients, we prepare, are on time and quickly resolve issues from our Midtown Audio Studio in New York.


You can work with us in-person at our 46th Street penthouse studios or totally remotely. As needed, we supply and ship our remote recording kits to the talent’s location, and we offer ADR Remote Recording.


Through our remote workflow, we can connect multiple actors, creatives and clients in the same session with audio and video, simulating an in-session, full service audio experience being miles apart.


We make it simple.


We work with Source Connect, Connection Open, Session Link Pro, Neumann U-87, Session Link Pro, Source Connect, Connection Open, IPDTL, and other network connection applications.

Voice Casting

Voice casting, voice records and VO directing can make or break a project. Done right, it can do more than simply provide a suitable voice. It will make the script believable and make your concept come alive. Which is why we focus so much of our attention on voice talent, such a critical phase of production.


Our long history and relationships with the acting community and top talent agencies ensure we will find the right voice for your project. We cast regionally and nationally, including foreign language projects.


Pomann Sound is a SAG signatory and can offer direct talent payments for your project as needed.

Radio Production

Radio can be every bit as visceral a medium as film and television — a theater of the mind that allows for an infinite playground of possibilities.


From radio scripting to final radio production and radio trafficking, we can be your partner for the whole journey. We like to be involved as early in the creative process as possible. This allows us to understand the creative concept fully. We then provide a complete “pre-build” of the spot before the final mix, so we can address timing issues and catch any misinterpretations before they turn into expensive corrections later to keep your project on schedule and within budget.


If you are looking for a turnkey production partner, we can provide scripting and direction and even have it translated to different languages, including Spanish radio, oversee trafficking and take care of licensing and all talent payments.

Spanish/International Languages

We’ve been serving the Hispanic market and Spanish radio almost since our company began, taking care of all aspects of the production from script translation through casting, directing and talent payments.


Our partnerships with studios in various countries further expands our international language audio capabilities and our ability to find the right talent for your project.


Podcasting is radio. Podcast content and podcast production deserves the same expertise. It’s not just our experience in radio that makes us a perfect creative partner for podcasting and web content audio, but we have also worked for years producing audio for animation, feature film and reality series honing our skills for both nonfiction and fiction based content.


In addition to producing client’s concepts, we are also now partnering with podcast directors on original content for podcasting.

Music Production & Supervision

Music is very subjective. It is a language unto itself, and our mixers all speak it fluently. Their knowledge of a variety of music styles helps bring an identity to your project whether that is through licensed music or an original score.


Working with multiple music libraries for extensive music searches, we present a variety of options edited into your project for your review. We can then engage in music editing, music manipulation, or even layer original elements to achieve a customized music composition or original music track.


Having relationships and licensing agreements with dozens of libraries worldwide, we can handle the licensing and payments for your project.


We also have created original scores, relying on our internal talent as well as outside composers as needed.


If the music you’re looking for exists, we will find it or we will create it.

Virtual Reality

Being able to position sounds in spatial locations and mix in 360 Ambisonics enhances the users’ experience. Storytelling is no longer limited by linear sound playback.


It’s a rapidly changing genre. Reach out, and we can discuss approaches and solutions for the sound design for your VR content.

We are sonic storytellers.

Let us help you tell your story.